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Placer Rep Announces Cast for Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band

Apr 16, 2024 12:31PM ● By Placer Repertory Theater News Release

Some of the cast of The Speckled Band shares a group high five. Photo courtesy of the Placer Repertory Theater

PLACER COUNTY, CA (MPG) - A fantastic cast of actors have been assembled to quickly immerse audiences in the  intrigue of a mysterious death and a dramatic coroner’s inquest at the top of act one of  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s "The Speckled Band", performing May 3 and 4 by Placer Repertory Theater. This play begins as a “WHAT WAS DONE,” becomes a “WHO DONE IT,” and by the final act is a “HOW DONE IT” detective mystery featuring the beloved Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. With another imminent murder hanging in the air, Sherlock Holmes and his band of helpers MUST solve the mystery before another young woman pays with her life. Cast members selected to bring this story to life include Matthew D. Heyer, Maureen Roman, Mark Hoffman, Teresa Stirling Forsyth and Mark Kushnir. 

Audiences may recall Matthew D. Heyer from his titular roles with Placer Rep in Uncle Vanya (Fall 2023) and Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of the Four (Fall 2021) who will be  playing Sherlock Holmes and the Coroner. Matthew has a BFA in Dramatic Arts and  professional theater and film credits. Maureen Roman, BA Theater Arts, was a leading  role in Placer Rep’s interactive melodrama Frankenstein (Feb 2024 and now on tour) and has professional film, TV, and voiceover credits. Maureen is playing the female  lead, Miss Enid Stonhour, who may be murdered at any moment! Playing Dr. Rylott,  Mark Hoffman, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist with decades of experience performing  professionally, including a role off-Broadway, and for community organizations as an  actor and musician. 

Pictured here is a QR code to purchase tickets and the cast of the show. Photo courtesy of Placer Repertory Theater

Playing the old crusty people, Mrs. Staunton and Armitage the shopkeeper, Teresa Stirling Forsyth, MFA Dramatic Arts, has a performing arts  background that includes international tours as an actor/singer/dancer and professional  credits in TV, Film and voice-over. The beloved Dr. Watson and Butler Rodgers are  played by Mark Kushnir, BA English and Dramatic Arts, with professional credits in live  performances for Interactive Entertainment Co., and film acting for Methodical Pictures, as well as his role as Prince del Piombino in Placer Rep’s interactive melodrama  Frankenstein on tour and available for booking in 2024. 

T.S. Forsyth’s adaptation of the 1892 play is an opportunity for early career to seasoned  actors to learn about the Victorian classical theater acting style sub-genre known as Conventionalism, while edits to the original script enhance the storytelling and render the work more approachable for modern audiences, to include some interactive fun. “There are supposedly twelve jurors on stage for the coroner’s inquest, but only two jury member roles. Since this style of theater breaks the fourth wall already, why not cast the  entire audience as the additional jurors?” said T.S. Forsyth, dramaturg/adapter. 

The City of Rocklin’s Parkview Event Room is turned into a black box theater on May 3 & 4 to perform this “edge of your seat” stage reading of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classical theater piece, "The Speckled Band" based upon his 1892 short story. Visit Eventbrite for more information: The Speckled Band is available for booking and will tour Placer County and surrounding areas through 2024. To see The Speckled Band, visit Eventbrite:

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