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Critical resource for residents non-renewed due to fire threat

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) – Yapacopia PBC (Public Benefit Corporation), in conjunction with the Insurance Sub Group of the Governor’s Tree Mortality Task Force, today launched Sierra Insurance Finder, a new online service to help Placer County residents obtain home insurance.  The service was designed specifically to create a pathway to home insurance for residents who have been non-renewed or are having difficulty finding insurance. (

According to the California Tree Mortality Task Force, 102 million trees throughout California – 90 million in the Sierra Nevada region -- have died in recent years due to drought, insect attacks and disease.  Due to the increased fire threat, several insurance companies have discontinued selling home insurance in Placer County and other counties in the Sierra.

“Placer County residents are facing a dire situation with respect to the loss of their home insurance. Sierra Insurance Finder gives them a way to connect with local insurance agents who know the market and have access to home insurance solutions,” said Chris McCloy, founder and CEO of Yapacopia PBC.

“We think this platform will really help residents find alternate insurance solutions once they are non-renewed.  For those with home loans, getting insurance is critical to maintain their loan.  We think it will make the search less cumbersome and helpful to our residents,” said Placer County Office of Emergency Services Program Manager John McEldowney.

Sierra Insurance Finder partners with licensed insurance professionals who have access to multiple insurance markets both in California and outside California, as well as the California Fair Plan.  They can assist Placer County residents through the process of finding and buying home insurance.

Yapacopia PBC is encouraging qualified local insurance professionals in Placer County to partner with Sierra Insurance Finder project to assist county residents. For information and to apply to receive daily customer requests through the service, visit

The service will officially expand to other counties in the Sierra Region very soon, but will work with any homeowner in need immediately.

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