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There’s Something For Everyone At Power Club, An Irish Pub And Brewery

Alfred Lee Salutes You With One of the 110 Craft Beers On Tap at Power Club Irish Pub and Brewery
Alfred Lee, owner and Brew Master at Power Club, an Irish Pub and Brewery show off one of his 110 Craft Beers on tap.
Photos courtesy Power Club

By Linda Harper
Posted: 3/5/2014

AUBURN, CA (MPG) - For most of us, California Blonde, Barbarian Headlock and Scotland’s Brave Heart are all names that conjure up images of movies or characters in a favorite book. But for Alfred Lee, owner and Brew Master of Power Club, an Irish Pub and Brewery, these are labels he’s given to three of the 110 Craft Beers he’s brewed and keeps on tap.

Alfred’s passion for brewing Craft Beer began in 1979 when President Carter passed a law, making it legal for individuals to make Microbrew beer. He was a UCLA engineering student then. He and his friends began brewing beer for their own consumption, and Alfred found it to be fun and fascinating. After graduating from college, he worked as an Engineer for several companies and on the side, invented the Modular Italian Charm Bracelet. The bracelets became a phenomenon, and Alfred became a multi-millionaire. In 2004, he and his wife Peggy bought the Power Mansion. It had been built during Placer County’s gold mining era by the gold tycoon, Honorable Harold T. Power. They turned the mansion into a quaint Bed and Breakfast, an English Tea House and Wedding Venue. Lee then purchased the adjacent 40,000 SF building and half acre parking lot. He constructed a ball room, and opened Power Club, an Irish Pub and Brewery in memory of his best friend, Jim Visel, who was of Irish decent.

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PCWA Board Holds Off on Drought Measures

Posted: 3/5/2014

AUBURN, CA (MPG) - Directors of the Placer County Water Agency on Thursday (Feb. 20) agreed to wait a few weeks before deciding if water delivery restrictions will be needed in what continues to be a very dry year.
“We’re still in a very serious drought and we’re asking everyone to conserve water on a voluntary basis, but a month from now we’ll be in a better position to know about this year’s water availability,” said PCWA General Manager David A. Breninger.

The Board of Directors heard a detailed staff presentation on local water supplies that have improved as a result of the Feb. 6-10 storms. The wet weather produced 11.4 inches of precipitation at Lake Spaulding (elev. 5,014 ft.).

PCWA Deputy Director of Technical Services and drought project manager Tony Firenzi said water availability is up 20 percent due to the large storms but that precipitation is still well below average for this time of year.

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San Juan Water District Board Approves Enhanced Conservation Measures

Water District Preparing For Dry Conditions To Impact Folsom Lake Water Supplies

Posted: 3/5/2014

GRANITE BAY, CA - On February 26th the San Juan Water District’s board of directors approved moving into a Stage 3 water warning. This level of conservation requires all customers in the retail service area to reduce their water use so that, overall, the District can achieve a 25 percent reduction in water use to sustain water levels in Folsom Lake through the summer.

This increased conservation effort comes after the district enacted a Stage 2 water alert in August 2013 asking customers to reduce water use by 20 percent. In January, the Board furthered their request, asking customers to eliminate all outdoor irrigation. The district is one of many water providers in the Sacramento region requiring customers to reduce their water use as drought conditions persist.

“Recent storms have definitely improved our outlook on the drought,” said General Manager Shauna Lorance. “But we need to continue conservation efforts to sustain water supplies in Folsom Lake that are well below average for this time of year.”

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A Tight Row of Brightly Painted Houses
The housing bubble burst and the ensuing foreclosure crisis have not made housing more affordable to lower-income households. . One million low- income households in California do not have access to an affordable home, and not one county or legislative district in the state has an adequate supply of homes affordable to extremely low-income households.

Affordable Home Crisis Grows

Posted: 2/19/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - The California Housing Partnership Corporation released a report February 11th that shows California’s private housing market is not providing an adequate number of homes affordable to low- and moderate-income households and calls on California’s legislators to take immediate action to meet the housing needs of California’s lowest-income residents.

Contrary to common belief, the study “How California’s Housing Market Is Failing to Meet the Needs of Low-Income Families,” finds that the housing bubble burst and the ensuing foreclosure crisis have not made housing more affordable to lower-income households. In fact, rents were higher in 2012 than they were at the height of the housing boom in 2006 in nearly all metro areas. One million low- income households in California do not have access to an affordable home, and not one county or legislative district in the state has an adequate supply of homes affordable to extremely low-income households, those earning 30 percent or less of their metro area’s median household income. More than fifty percent of extremely low-income households are elderly or disabled and living on a fixed income.

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Water Use Project on the River Has Gone Dry
Additional winter storms may provide a limited boost to reservoir storage and water deliveries, it would need to rain and snow heavily every other day from now until May to get us back to average annual rain and snowfall.
Photo courtesy DWR.

Water at Zero

Posted: 2/5/2014

SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG8) - To protect Californians’ health and safety from more severe water shortages in the months ahead, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today took actions to conserve the state’s precious resources. As a result, everyone – farmers, fish, and people in our cities and towns – will get less water. DWR’s actions are in direct response to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s drought State of Emergency. In the declaration, the Governor directed DWR and the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to act to modify requirements that hinder conservation of currently stored water and allow flexibility within the state’s water system to maintain operations and meet environmental needs.

“The harsh weather leaves us little choice,” said DWR Director Mark Cowin. “If we are to have any hope of coping with continued dry weather and balancing multiple needs, we must act now to preserve what water remains in our reservoirs.”

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An Old Iron-Wheeled Wagon with Barrels Looks Picturesque Against Rows of Vines
Placer County Wine Trail to Host “Valentine’s Sweets, Treats and Trivia” Event at 19 Wineries in the Placer County Foothills

Enjoy Fun and Games at a Valentine’s Wine Tasting Weekend

Posted: 2/5/2014

AUBURN, CA (MPG) - Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to end Friday night. Extend the celebration to Saturday and join in on the romantic fun at the Placer County Wine Trail “Valentine’s Sweets, Treats and Trivia” event Saturday, February 15th from 11 am to 5 pm.

The special event will feature wine tasting, sweet and savory treat tasting and a romantic trivia game at 19 wineries on the Placer County Wine Trail. Tickets are $25 per couple, or $15 per person, and can be purchased at

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Website Helps You Keep Your Tax Refund

Posted: 1/22/2014

New Motor Laws Take Effect

Posted: 1/8/2014

Hiring Pace and Economic Expectations Rising

Pacific Staffing Special Report
Posted: 1/8/2014


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