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“The Floyd” Ready to Numb Auburn

Posted: 3/27/2015

The Floyd On Stage
“The Floyd” is a two-hour, family-friendly, multi-media rock & roll concert event that captivates all the senses! Some of best musicians, engineers, and laser/light technicians in the western U.S. have teamed up to deliver an unforgettable Pink Floyd experience!
Photo courtesy of Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center

AUBURN, CA (MPG) - Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center is proud to present an exclusive one-show performance by the Northern California tribute band “The Floyd” on April 11 at 8 p.m. at the State Theatre, 985 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603. To purchase your tickets, call the Box Office at (530) 885-0156 or visit General admission tickets are $30.

“The Floyd” is a two-hour, family-friendly, multi-media rock & roll concert event that captivates all the senses! Some of best musicians, engineers, and laser/light technicians in the western U.S. have teamed up to deliver an unforgettable Pink Floyd experience!

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The GMO Controversy Continues

How GMOs Are Affecting the Environment

By Joan Elliott
Posted: 3/27/2015

PLACER COUNTY, CA (MPG) - How GMOs affect our environment is a hotly contested issue. One side claims that the biodiversity of GMO protect our environment by using less pesticide and herbicide, and reduce the acreage needed to provide similar crop production. The other side claims that because of GMO, “nature” is creating super weeds and resistant bugs thereby increasing the amount of herbicides and pesticides and reducing the yield causing more habitat destruction and contamination.

Initially the intent of the GMO crop seemed to be a good one, providing more with less. However, time has shown, that is not the case and nations around the world are rejecting the use of GMO crops due to the contamination of and the destruction of native plants and insects. The United States seems to be the hold out, supporting further production of new GM species to counteract the negative aspects of the old - very similar to the pharmaceutical companies producing more new drugs to counter act the side effects of the current new drugs.

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Tracy Bowling Climbs the Trail
Tracy Bowling pushes herself to the limit while enjoying the view.
Photo courtesy Facchino Photography

Experience the Uphill Thrill

American River 50 Mile Endurance Run Set for Folsom to Auburn

Posted: 3/13/2015

FOLSOM/AUBURN, CA (MPG) - The 36th Annual American River 50 Mile Endurance Run (AR 50) presented by Clif Bar will be held Saturday, April 4. The race starts at 6 a.m.

The course will take participants from Brown’s Ravine to Folsom Point, along the Folsom Dam, across the Walker Bridge to the south side of Lake Natoma before rejoining the previous course at Nimbus Bluffs.

The AR 50 is the most popular 50-miler in the United States and offers runners a chance to view picturesque scenery as they navigate the challenging American River Bike Trail and the Pioneer Express Trail all the way to Auburn.

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New Library Fund Provides Ongoing Support to Local Libraries

Posted: 3/13/2015

Jessica Hubbard, Veronica Blake, Mary George, and Jane Mispley
Jessica Hubbard, Placer Community Foundation’s Philanthropic Services Manager and Veronica Blake, CEO of Placer Community Foundation with Mary George, Director of Library Services for Placer County and Jane Mispley, President of Friends of Auburn Library.
Photo courtesy Placer Community Foundation

AUBURN, CA (MPG) - Placer Community Foundation (PCF) has announced the newly endowed Placer County Library Fund. This fund is designed to provide ongoing support to libraries throughout the Placer County library system. Establishment of the fund has been a tremendous, collaborative effort. Friends of the Library groups from Applegate, Auburn, Colfax, Foresthill, Granite Bay, Kings Beach, Loomis, Meadow Vista, Penryn, Rocklin, Tahoe City and the Literacy Support Council of Placer County each contributed a total of $25,000 to seed the fund. Additional gifts from within the general public will grow the fund to increase its impact on the libraries for many years to come.

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A Mother and Two Kids In Front of a House For Sale
The program is designed to promote home ownership among low-income residents. Loans are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

First-Time Home Buyers to Get County Assistance

Posted: 2/27/2015

PLACER COUNTY, CA (MPG) - Placer County is accepting applications for a program that helps eligible low-income residents purchase their first homes by making monthly mortgage payments more affordable.

Loans up to $100,000 are available through the First-Time Home Buyer Assistance Program to help qualified households purchase homes in unincorporated areas of Placer County. Through the program, the county provides deferred-payment second-mortgage loans. The loans are not due and payable for 30 years unless a change occurs—such as owners no longer occupy the homes or go into default, sell, or transfer title to properties.

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GMOs and Our Health

By Joan Elliott
Posted: 2/27/2015

PLACER COUNTY, CA (MPG) - One of the big controversies with GMOs is how it affects the health and wellness of those who consume them. Both sides have very strong opinions and valid arguments.

Pro-GMOers talk about the need to feed the world and the altruistic view of using fewer pesticides and less herbicide. They believe that by splicing in gene’s that encourage the plant to protect itself will reduce the use of deadly chemicals on crops, thereby protecting the environment.

The science provided through multiple college research projects have found no significant difference in development when testing feed animals side by side with organic and GMO feeds. The University of California, Davis (UCD), study found that the quality and quantity of the meat and eggs was the same. Currently there is a World Food Center at the UCD that takes a “big picture” approach to sustainability and solving humanities most pressing problems in food and health, according to the Another study that was reviewed by the Mayo Clinic showed there was not a significant difference between organic produce and non-organic in their nutritional content.

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Blowing the Horn On Those GMOs

Locally grown, organic food is safer and abundant

By Joan Elliott
Posted: 2/13/2015

Board Approves Permit for Proposed Temporary Homeless Shelter

Will Review Agreement Outlining Conditions at Future Meeting

Posted: 2/13/2015

December 2014 Unemployment Rate is Placer County’s Lowest Since 2007

Posted: 2/13/2015

Emergency Homeless Shelter in North Auburn Considered

Posted: 1/30/2015

Dry January Heightens Drought Concern

Posted: 1/30/2015

Taking Strides Against Domestic Violence

One Thousand Men Sought for 2015 Record-Breaking March

By Linda Harper
Posted: 1/16/2015


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