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This Business Executive Is Missing a Limb, But Does Not Let That Limit Her
In a study performed by the California Insurance Commissioner’s office, it was determined that the overall cost to consumers to include comprehensive prosthetic coverage to Covered California’s Essential Benefits list would be 16 cents per month, or less than $2.00 per year. In perspective, paying to ensure an amputee can walk or have the use of their arms and hands would cost California insurance consumers less than purchasing 40 pieces of bubble gum within a year’s time.
Photo courtesy of the Amputee Coalition

Arms and Legs are Not a Luxury

By Linda Harper
Posted: 10/22/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION (MPG) - Did I get your attention? If you’re reading this article in your community newspaper, you’re probably turning the pages to view vital stories, features, and advertisements published to keep you informed of the happenings in your neighborhood. Now, imagine the frustration you would feel if you have no arms or hands to aid you in grasping the pages, the simplest of everyday tasks. You have an artificial limb to provide you physical freedom, give you self-reliance and ability, but it’s propped up on the sofa a few feet away, unable to be utilized. It doesn’t fit properly, and your medical insurance won’t pay to have it repaired or adjusted because you’ve used up your allotted yearly or lifetime benefit. For the over two million people in the United States who have suffered the loss of one or more of their limbs, this situation is not unusual and is a harsh reminder that things are just not what they seem within President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. In California, it’s been given the catchy name Covered California.

The main goal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), signed into law in 2010, was to make health insurance not only affordable but comprehensive for everyone. Federal law contains a set of 10 “essential health benefits” providers must guarantee consumers of individual, small business insurance policies, and government sponsored programs (Medi-Cal). The White House has said repeatedly that these Obamacare guarantees “eliminate substandard policies that don’t provide minimum services.” States were allowed to craft their own set of essential health benefits, and California even came up with several additional benefits that range from organ transplants for HIV sufferers to Phenylketonuria treatment. Although a minimal allowance for prosthesis is available under the Rehabilitative and Habilitative portion of California’s declared essential benefits, there doesn’t appear to be an equitable provision for the replacement, repair, and maintenance of artificial limbs.

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Sacramento Region Continues Impressive Water Use Reductions in August

14 Agencies Cut Water Use by 20 Percent or More

Posted: 10/22/2014

A Happy Family Washing Their Car ith Hose and Bucket
“Residents have been spectacular in their water use reductions,” said RWA Water Efficiency Program Manager Amy Talbot.

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Customers at 14 Sacramento-area agencies (listed below) reduced water use by 20 percent or more in August compared to the same period last year, according to an analysis by the Regional Water Authority (RWA), which represents water providers in Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, and Yolo counties. The findings come from a review of August water use data submitted to RWA and the State Water Resources Control Board.

“Residents have been spectacular in their water use reductions,” said RWA Water Efficiency Program Manager Amy Talbot. “August is typically one of the hottest months of the year, which makes the temptation to ramp up sprinklers hard to resist. But the data shows that residents have made a serious commitment to preserving our limited resources during the severe dry conditions.”

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55 Tons of Trash Removed During Great Sierra River Cleanup

Posted: 10/8/2014

A Group of Four Kayakers on the Beach, With Boats, Paddles, and Sacks of Junk Cleared from the Lake
Photo courtesy of Sierra Nevada Conservancy.

AUBURN, CA (MPG) - An eager and willing 4,460 volunteers showed up to participate in the sixth annual Great Sierra River Cleanup. Preliminary results reveal that an impressive 55 tons of bottles, cans, appliances, car parts, and other debris were pulled from California’s drought-stricken waterways during the event. The Great Sierra River Cleanup is sponsored by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) in partnership with nearly 60 community organizations at over 100 sites throughout the Sierra Nevada. (A full list of sites and participating organizations can be found on the SNC Web site:

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Sierra Business Council Announces Launch of Development Center

Posted: 10/8/2014

PLACER COUNTY, CA (MPG) - Opportunity, innovation, prosperity and sustainability; these core elements of Sierra Business Council’s mission provide the foundation for a new Northeastern Sierra Small Business Development Center (SBDC) host site. Sierra Business Council recently received a Notification of Award to serve as the region’s SBDC and is excited to begin operations October 1, 2014 and celebrate the launch during SBC’s twentieth anniversary conference, “Peak Innovation: The Next 20 Years,” happening Oct. 8-10 at Granlibakken in Tahoe City.

As an SBDC host site, Sierra Business Council will offer free one-on-one business advisory services such as strategic planning, marketing, operations, cash flow planning and feasibility analysis. In addition, free workshops and classes will be offered in a variety of topics including Lean Start Up, business model generation, energy efficiency and social media strategies. SBC will also provide counseling and access to capital advisory services for start-up, small business expansion and entrepreneurial ventures. SBC is actively developing a regional network that will facilitate access to capital and business loans for small to medium sized businesses.

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High Street Restoration Update

Posted: 10/8/2014

AUBURN, CA (MPG) - Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) has completed replacement of two old waterlines in High Street between the Gold Country Fairgrounds entrance and Pleasant Avenue. Previous breaks on these lines caused damage to the street, curbs, gutters and sidewalks in the area.

PCWA has contracted with Simpson and Simpson Construction to remove and replace the curb, gutter, driveway approaches, sidewalks, and pavement in the water damaged portion of the street. Work is scheduled to begin September 29 and completed in early November. The working hours for the project will be from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Parking will be restricted during construction. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic control measures will be in effect to divert traffic away from the work area. Two-way traffic through the project site will remain open throughout the project, but delays should be expected.

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Join the Sierra River Cleanup

Posted: 9/17/2014

Volunteers in Canoes and Floation Vests Haul Amazing Junk out of the River
Community groups across the 22-county Sierra Nevada Region will remove appliances, beverage cans, baby diapers, tires, furniture, shopping carts, and plastic items from the rivers and streams that supply more than 60 percent of California’s water. California’s water future has been a major topic of discussion for many California leaders this year, and sixteen members of the state Legislature have signed on as co-chairs of the Great Sierra River Cleanup to demonstrate their support for clean water.
Photo courtesy of Sierra Nevada Conservancy.

AUBURN, CA (MPG) - Low water levels due to the drought won’t stop an estimated 4,000 volunteers from heading out on Saturday, September 20th, to clean up Sierra rivers, lakes, and streams as part of the sixth annual Great Sierra River Cleanup sponsored by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC).

Community groups across the 22-county Sierra Nevada Region will remove appliances, beverage cans, baby diapers, tires, furniture, shopping carts, and plastic items from the rivers and streams that supply more than 60 percent of California’s water. California’s water future has been a major topic of discussion for many California leaders this year, and sixteen members of the state Legislature have signed on as co-chairs of the Great Sierra River Cleanup to demonstrate their support for clean water.

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BMX Racers Pedal Through a High Banked Corner
Photo courtesy Placer Valley Tourism

BMXers Race to Placer

Riders compete for spot in Race of Champions

Posted: 9/17/2014

PLACER COUNTY, CA (MPG) - The USA BMX Northern California State Finals are coming to Oak Creek BMX again for 2014. Oak Creek BMX has a long history of hosting the event because of its ability to gain more points than other tracks in the area, and they have been awarded the rights every year except three since 1985.

The races will take place from September 19-21. Last year there was an impressive 600 entries, and it looks as if that number will increase this year. The participants come from all over Northern California. There will be many different age groups for both boys and girls. Depending on the age group and skill class, each rider will have 3 to 5 races until the championships. The age range for the riders can range anywhere from one and a half years to 70. The winning riders from this competition will compete in The Race of Champions at the Grand Nationals on Thanksgiving, the largest race in the world hosted in Oklahoma City.

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The Problem is Not the Price

By Sally C. Pipes
Posted: 9/3/2014

Raley’s Supermarket Settles Civil Environmental Case

Special Report
District Attorney’s Office
Posted: 9/3/2014

You Won’t Believe Your Skies!

The California Capital Airshow

Posted: 8/20/2014

Kaiser Permanente Awards More than $360,000 to Nonprofit Organizations Serving Placer County

Posted: 8/20/2014


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